The Island of Gozo

In Maltese, Gozo is known as Gh¯awdex (pronounced ‘audesh’), which translates as ‘joy’. And indeed, Gozo is a joyous place. One of the three main islands of the Maltese archipelago, it is a 25-minute ferry ride from Malta. Steeped in the same deep and complex culture as Malta, it has a gentler pace of life, with its wide open unspoilt spaces, limestone farmhouses, and hidden beaches. 

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Getting to ABODE on the Rock

We want to ensure all our guests have a seamless journey when travelling to the island of Gozo, Malta. Getting your crew together is one thing but we will explain exactly how to plan your journey to make the experience as stress-free as possible. Including where to stay, travel times and locations and everything else to ensure you are prepped and ready to join us on the island. 

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2024 Line Up

If you have been to ABODE on the Rock before you know the lineups are huge and 2024 is no exception. Music ranging from house to minimal tech we have curated the perfect lineup for you and your crew to enjoy in some of the best venues Europe has to offer to keep you dancing into the early hours. 

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